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Temporary exhibitions

Roman Ingarden, photographic self-portrait, 1942, photo © Krzysztof Ingarden Archive1
Roman Ingarden

Philosopher and Photographer

Exhibition date: 12.05.2020 - 27.09.2020
Venue: Alfa Gallery

The exhibition is part of our series of projects in which we showcase outstanding poets, writers and thinkers in other than their accustomed creative roles – as painters, draftsmen, collage makers or photographers. To date, we have exhibited works by Wisława Szymborska, Zbigniew Herbert, Joachim Ringelnatz, Leon Chwistek and Herta Müller. Each exhibition is accompanied by a sizeable publication that analyses and compares the different creative fields.

The Krasnals, Whielki Krasnal, //Pope John Paul II Gives a Left-Handed Blessing//, 2011, oil / canvas, 55 × 46 cm, private collection2
Exhibition open for 3 days!

The Pope

Exhibition date: 12.05.2020 - 20.09.2020
Venue: Beta Gallery

The Pope is a further exhibition that brings diverse artistic responses to the bishop of Rome. The previous show took place in 2014. Today, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Karol Wojtyła (1920–2005), known to the world as John Paul II, the Museum has prepared a presentation devoted in its entirety to the phenomenon of the Polish Pope.

Robert Kuśmirowski, untitled, 2009, installation, MOCAK Collection3

Dialogue with the Space (MOCAK Collection)

Venue: Building A, level -1

Works in which the relationship with the surroundings they are in plays a significant role and provides a semantic clinch are usually called installations. Artists employ the exhibition space available or design it themselves. In this presentation, we show 14 works that form a relationship with a neutral environment. Some of these works annex the interiors they occupy, others become a part of its geometry, and others still make use of isolation, revealing fragments of their private worlds.

Muntean/Rosenblum, untitled [They realized that their capacity…], 2011, oil / canvas, 190 × 220 × 5 cm, MOCAK Collection4

Contemporary Models of Realism (MOCAK Collection)

Venue: Building A, level -1

The term ‘realism’ appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of realistic representation applies throughout art history. In the popular perception, ‘good art’ is a faithful representation of reality. This is not, however, what artists consider the most important. They engage in a dialogue with realistic images using their tangibility as raw material to build their concepts.

Zbigniew Libera, //KZL LEGO//, 1996,photograph, MOCAK Collection 5

World War II – Drama, Symbol, Trauma

Exhibition date: 24.10.2019 - 27.09.2020
Venue: level 0

In preparing an exhibition about World War II, we had no ambition to chart its history but rather to focus on some threads that have had the greatest impact on the Polish consciousness. Artworks are accompanied by documents as well as propaganda and literary materials. In the exhibition we present 39 artists. Many of the works come from the MOCAK Collection.

Mikołaj Smoczyński, //Self-Portrait//, 1990, photography, 16.5 × 21.9 cm, MOCAK Collection6
Exhibition open for 3 days!
Mikołaj Smoczyński

Private Exhibition

Exhibition date: 24.10.2019 - 20.09.2020
Venue: Re Gallery

The oeuvre of Mikołaj Smoczyński (1955–2009) continues to be discovered anew. MOCAK houses the entire body of his artistic legacy. The exhibition aims to bring the figure of the one of most prominent Polish artists closer to the audiences. This year we commemorate the tenth anniversary of Smoczyński’s death.

Stanisław Dróżdż, //Uncertainty–Hesitation–Certainty//, 1967, 80 × 80 cm each, MOCAK Collection7
Stanisław Dróżdż

Concept-Shapes (MOCAK Collection)

Venue: Level -1

Stanisław Dróżdż is one of the most significant representatives of Polish conceptual art and the most renowned Polish concrete poet. The year 2019 is the year of the 80th anniversary of the poet’s birthday and also the 10th anniversary of his death. In commemoration, the Museum is presenting an individual exhibition of the artist, which comprises entirely works from the MOCAK Collection.

Permanent Exhibitions

Leopold Kessler, //Surrogate City Bike Station / MOCAK 2015//, 2015/2017 and Dorota Nieznalska, //A Gift to Krakow from Gdańsk//, 2017, photo: R. Sosin8

Outdoor Exhibits From The MOCAK Collection

Outdoor Exhibits From The Mocak Collection is a group of artworks situated in the area surrounding MOCAK refers to four subjects: the Holocaust, history of art, history of politics and intervention in public space.

ec09a6090e.jpg - 18217
Krystian Lupa

Live Factory 2: Warhol by Lupa (MOCAK Collection)

Venue: Level -1

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, in collaboration with the Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Krakow, is opening a new space as part of its Collection. We will be showing Krystian Lupa’s interactive installation Live Factory 2, based on the stage design for his theatre production Factory 2, which premiered at the Stary Theatre in 2008.

The Mieczysław Porębski Library in MOCAK10

The Mieczysław Porębski Library (MOCAK Collection)

MOCAK’s Library is located in a side building. In one of the halls, Mieczysław Porębski’s Library is be exhibited. Porębski, Poland’s most prominent art historian, many years ago expressed his wish to donate his book collection to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. When the Museum came into being, he returned to that idea and handed over to the institution the Krakow part of his collection.


photo: R. Sosin11

The Museum for You

Since not everybody is in a position to visit the Museum, we have decide to organise a Visiting Collection. We have turned a bus into an exhibition room. We have also used the external body of the bus as exhibition space. The Visiting Collection presents 23 international artists

Józef Robakowski, //Record//, 1972, movie, 6 min, MOCAK Collection12

Thursdays with the Collection

Venue: Audiovisual hall

Thursdays with the Collection is a long-term project: each Thursday selected video works from the MOCAK Collection are shown in the Museum’s audiovisual hall.