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19.10.2012 - 30.11.2012

A glass snow globe from Egypt, a hatchet from Zakopane, postcards from Sopot, a ship in a bottle, shell beads, a towel with a labrador, pressed herbs... The works of the group Banda from the Department of Graphic Art in Krakow are a playful take on summer souvenirs and holiday memories. What the collages, items, installations and art books on display have in common is that they were created during the 2012 heat wave.

Artists: Marlena Biczak; Anna Juszczak; Weronika Kasprzyk; Maria Kozakiewicz; Paulina Lichwicka; Dominika Szczałba; Zofia Szczęsna; Szymon Szelc; Weronika Tyrpa; Xawery Wolski

MOCAK Library
Exhibition date:
19.10.2012 - 30.11.2012
Opening date:
18.10.2012 at 6 pm
Magdalena Mazik