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The founding of the Collection

When the Museum opened its doors to the public (May 19th, 2011) our collection encompassed several dozen works. At the beginning of 2012 there were almost 2 000 and the Collection included 138 artists.

MOCAK made it a principle that only works owned by the Museum would be displayed within the Collection. In special cases, where to highlight the sense of a particular work requires that it be juxtaposed with another, we resort to a deposit or a loan, at the same time inquiring about purchase conditions.

Another principle stipulates that exhibitions be organised in series. We intend to change the arrangement of the Collection twice a year - in spring and late autumn –  linking the new exhibition to different issues. Each facet will introduce at least half new works. The rotation principle is not a typical museum practice. In the vast majority of museums exhibitions remain unchanged for years.

In the case of MOCAK, such serial approach results from the desire to enliven the environment of the works, to set in motion their
different interpretations, depending on the context that they find themselves in, and to initiate a dialogue between the works. Some works of art remain through subsequent exhibitions, because their installation is extremely complicated, and besides, they seem to be ‘made’ for that particular place.