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Through its activities, MOCAK’s Education Department promotes the idea of a society open to art, in which everyone, regardless of age or social status, can join the discussion. We organise interactive meetings with contemporary art and its creators, collectors and commentators. The educational projects prepared by the Museum enable their participants to explore the universe of art and try their hand at creative activities.

MOCAK-edu offers workshops for various age groups, from kindergarten pupils to seniors. The Museum’s educational projects are not only meant to make their participants open and sensitive to art from the youngest age but also to prove that it is never too late for education. The Museum organises workshops and museum lessons tailored to the needs of both younger and older audiences.

MOCAK’s educational projects are geared towards various social groups, including people with disabilities, teachers and educators, people from smaller towns and those subject to various forms of social exclusion. We focus especially on the inhabitants of Zabłocie and Podgόrze, our closest neighbours, in order to transform our district into a space that is friendly to contemporary art.

MOCAK not only organises meetings with artists, but also invites them to join the Museum’s artistic projects. The participants have already had an opportunity to draw comic strips or paint murals together with the artists. Our projects take place both in the Museum and in the city, while educational classes are also conducted in other institutions, schools and kindergartens.