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//Quotes from the Collection//

Quotes from the Collection

02.02.2016 - 30.12.2016

Museum is a place which should be visited repeatedly.
Mieczysław Porębski

In 2016, we are opening a new series of exhibitions under the title Quotes from the Collection. At the MOCAK Library, we will present selected works from the Museum’s Collection comprising over 4 500 works. We will devote each month to one artist and his work. The presentation will be complemented with publications and archive materials concerning the artist. All the selected works have some relationship with text. By choosing the unobvious exposition space in the Library, we want to reflect upon the culture-creating power of the word.

MOCAK Collection develops as a result of conceptual research, and that is why we begin the presentation with a series of photographs by Hungarian artist Géza Perneczky alluding to the word ‘art’. They were created between 1971 and 1972 in Cologne, after the artist had emigrated from Budapest. He lived in a dormitory at that time, built for students who had left Hungary after the revolution in 1956. His studio was located in a small room. Even though this inadequate space allowed him to photograph small objects exclusively, the final scale of his conceptual research is impressive.

Quotes from the Collection provides the viewers with an opportunity to see works which are not currently exhibited in the permanent exhibition of the Collection, and it encourages them to unhurriedly and deeply analyse works by selected artists. We hope that the context of a library will inspire them to search for new interpretations and perspectives, and also to open up to the presence of contemporary art in our everyday surroundings.

Géza Perneczky (2.2–27.2.2016) More Information >>

Michel Kichka (1.3–26.3.2016) More information >>

Jerzy Kosałka (1.7–30.7.2016) More information >>

Oskar Dawicki (2–31.7.2016) More information >>

Dan Perjovschi (2.9–29.10.2016) More information >>

Jiří Valoch (5.11–3.12.2016) More information >>

Karolina Kowalska (5–30.12.2016) More information >>