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//Quotes from the Collection//. Jiří Valoch

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Quotes from the Collection. Jiří Valoch

Published at:24.10.2016

Quotes from the Collection is an all-year project at the MOCAK Library that will provide a framework for the presentation and discussion of selected works from the MOCAK Collection. The project will not only enable the viewers to familiarise themselves with works that are not at present part of the Collection exhibition but also provide an incentive for a leisurely, in-depth study of the creativity of selected artists.

In September (5.11–3.12.2016) we will present the work of Jiří Valoch from the series Observing the Landscape (1974).

For Jiří Valoch, the starting point is language. He is more interested in linguistic associations of the elements of the landscape than the landscape itself. You could say that the artist sees with words.