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//Quotes from the Collection//. Dan Perjovschi

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Quotes from the Collection. Dan Perjovschi

Published at:31.08.2016

Quotes from the Collection is an all-year project at the MOCAK Library that will provide a framework for the presentation and discussion of selected works from the MOCAK Collection. The project will not only enable the viewers to familiarise themselves with works that are not at present part of the Collection exhibition but also provide an incentive for a leisurely, in-depth study of the creativity of selected artists.

In September (2.9–29.10.2016) we will present the work of Dan Perjovschi MOCAK Krakow Notebook (2013).

The notebook – a collection of notes and drawings – was created during the artist's visit to MOCAK in May 2013. Dan Perjovschi was then invited to take part in the exhibition Economics in Art, to which he contributed a mural. His works, characterised by minimalism in line and language combined by means of extremely intelligent idea, refer to social, economic and artistic issues.

Dan Perjovschi (b. 1961) Drawing, comics, graffiti. Creates drawings on the walls of museums and art institutions all over the world. The artist is a critical observer of current political and social developments. He also comments on the institutionalisation of contemporary art, making his observations through witty anecdotes in the style of the popular press.