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//Quotes from the Collection//. Karolina Kowalska

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Quotes from the Collection. Karolina Kowalska

Published at:30.11.2016

Quotes from the Collection is an all-year project at the MOCAK Library that will provide a framework for the presentation and discussion of selected works from the MOCAK Collection. The project will not only enable the viewers to familiarise themselves with works that are not at present part of the Collection exhibition but also provide an incentive for a leisurely, in-depth study of the creativity of selected artists.

From 6 to 30 December we present the video by Karolina Kowalska, the closing work in this year’s edition. The work Rave (2008) is based on found footage and it contains fragments of the film by Andrzej Wajda which is an adaptation of Stanisław Wyspiański’s Wedding. The artist has selected very expressive sequences and speeded them up, combining them with music accentuating the tension and movement, repeating the selected scenes. The aim is to condense energy to such an extent that it is almost beyond the viewer’s power of perception.

Karolina Kowalska (b. 1978) Photography, installation, video. Her installations are often site-specific or public space projects. The artist frequently uses ready-mades; she processes photographs, films, music and data compilations. Her works reveal an interest in the mechanisms of perception and the potential for the manipulation of photography and the creation of illusion.