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//MOCAK Collection at the MBWA in Leszno//

MOCAK Collection at the MBWA in Leszno

21.05.2017 - 16.06.2017

We are beginning a series of presentations of works from the MOCAK Collections in cities that do not have museum collections of contemporary art of their own.

The MOCAK Collection – of nearly 5 000 works – comprises a variety of artistic approaches, a wealth of media used and themes raised in contemporary art. We do not favour any particular trend or period, although there is a noticeable focus on certain areas, including conceptualism, Fluxus, critical art, socially engaged works and postmodernism. Through assembling a collection of works, we want to demonstrate the value of critical thinking and show art as an important interpretative and ontological tool, which itself takes the pulse of the level of independent thinking within society.

The exhibition MOCAK Collection at the MBWA in Leszno is part of a research project that our Museum has been conducting over a number of years, aiming to analyse the social function of art understood not as pleasurable pastime but above all as a means to understand and change the world.

The works presented at the exhibition focus on four thematic areas: history, society, family and the mechanisms of the artworld.