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Marek Chlanda Transit

17.02.2012 - 29.04.2012

Transit, the exhibition of the work of Marek Chlanda, a Polish sculptor and graphic artist, presents over a hundred of his works – paintings and sculptures which combine into four well-meshed sequences. Dark visions create a cycle without a consistent narrative, creating a feeling of disquiet and loss in the viewer. Figurative and abstract scenes; real and unreal and dream-like sequences all intermingle. The work has been strongly influenced by The Forgotten Light by the oneiric Czech writer Jakub Deml. The book, as well as the exhibition Transit, transports the readers, and viewers, into the world of metaphysics.

Exhibition opening

Exhibition date:
17.02.2012 - 29.04.2012
Opening date:
16.02.2012 at 6.00 pm
Author of the exhibition:
Marek Chlanda
Katarzyna Wąs