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Comics: Urban Myths

Comics: Urban Myths

17.02.2012 - 29.04.2012

Urban myths are stories circulated by the Internet and other media as well as spread within social groups. They provoke strong emotional responses and inspire the passing on of the stories which thus become a hybrid gossip and acquire a life of their own. . It isn’t always the case that urban myths are pure fiction. Some of the events in these stories really did happen or contain a grain of truth.

The works shown at the exhibition are somehow related to the phenomenon of urban myths – the artists create brand new myths or transform existing ones. Urban myths describe disturbing and incredible events, which stem from common fears, and some of them are cautionary tales. All the works employ the technique of the comic strip, with its characteristic strong narrative quality.

The main aims of the exhibition are to present various techniques which can be employed to create a comic strip (drawing, painting or installation) as well as to highlight the significance of the comics genre as an art discipline.

Exhibition opening

Beta Gallery
Exhibition date:
17.02.2012 - 29.04.2012
Opening date:
16.02.2012 at 6.00 pm
Author of the exhibition:
Joanna Karpowicz
Agnieszka Piksa
Mariusz Tarkawian
Jakub Woynarowski
Małgorzata Jabłońska
Monika Kozioł
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