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//The Artist Is Present//

The Artist Is Present

25.06.2021 - 20.03.2022

The exhibition The Artist Is Present is a presentation of artistic strategies based on the artist’s use of their own body as a means of expression and a source of symbols. The self-portrait is the underpinning area of such activity, which also involves a study of the body’s strength, attractiveness, disfigurement and functionality. This is where painting and performance work best. This art declares unequivocally that the basic material and inspiration in visual creation is the human being.

In the exhibition, corporeality expresses the artist’s mental and physical condition. This is particularly evident in the documentation of actions and performances, whose creators test the possibilities and limitations of their own bodies, often combining them with media experiments. The artists’ intentions range from reflection on art itself to socio-political rebellion.

In 2021 MOCAK is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its opening. For the occasion, we have prepared exhibitions based on the Collection. One of the Museum’s principal goals is to demonstrate to audiences the merit of contemporary art; the Collection is a key vehicle for achieving this. We want the public to have the opportunity to learn more about our collections and the issues they represent, and to see works never exhibited previously, including the new acquisitions. The jubilee exhibitions will show the media and thematic diversity of our ever-expanding Collection.

Building A, level 0
Exhibition date:
25.06.2021 - 20.03.2022
Opening date:
24.06.2021 at 4 pm–9 pm
Marina Abramović
Jakub Bąkowski
Jerzy Bereś
Bernhard Johannes Blume
Rafał Bujnowski
Josef Dabernig
Andrzej Dłużniewski
Pola Dwurnik
Katarzyna Górna
Przemysław Jasielski
Wolf Kahlen
Leopold Kessler
Giorgi Khaniashvili
Krištof Kintera
Ragnar Kjartansson
Jarosław Kozłowski
Zofia Kulik
Ane Lan
Natalia LL
Marcin Maciejowski
Krzysztof Maniak
Shahar Marcus
Małgorzata Markiewicz
Dóra Maurer
Teresa Murak
Csaba Nemes
Helmut Nickels
Ben Patterson
Laura Pawela
Géza Perneczky
Sándor Pinczehelyi
Józef Robakowski
Jerzy Rosołowicz
Adam Rzepecki
Mikołaj Smoczyński
Petr Štembera
Danuta Urbanowicz
Ryszard Waśko
Zbigniew Warpechowski
Ewa Zarzycka
Monika Kozioł
Dominika Mucha