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No Budget Show 4

29.06.2012 - 30.09.2012

MOCAK contributor to preparation of the exhibition: Delfina Piekarska
Exhibition design: Robert Kuśmirowski

An exhibition based on a concept of the artist Robert Kuśmirowski. This is the fourth one in the series No-Budget Show, which to date have been shown, amongst other venues, in the Towot Squat in Lublin and the Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw. At MOCAK, we shall present works of young artists, produced – as the title of the exhibition makes clear – without any financial input whatsoever. On the one hand, this is a throwback to the romantic concept of penniless artistic creation, on the other – an indirect commentary on the issue of the financing of art and culture.

Exhibition opening

Beta Gallery
Exhibition date:
29.06.2012 - 30.09.2012
Opening date:
28.06.2012 at 6.00 pm
Author of the exhibition:
Another Photographer
Marzena Bis
Krzysztof Bryła
Anna Chabros
Maciej Chorąży
Rafał Czępiński
Kamila Czosnyk
Tomasz Foltyn
Viola Głowacka
Emrah Gökdemir
Michał Jadczak
Marcin Kokoszko
Emilia Kołowiecka
Paweł Korbus
Tomasz Koszewnik
Anna Kuc
Kamil Kuzko
Daniel Małecki
Michał Mejnartowicz
Arek Pasożyt
Jacek Piotrowicz
Maciej Połynko
Piotr Strobel
Piotr Szczur
Liwia Sztyc
Jacek Wierzchoś
Radek Włodarski
Emilia Żukowska
Exhibition lay-out:
Robert Kuśmirowski
MOCAK contribution to the setting up of the exhibition:
Delfina Piekarska
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