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//Figure and Design// (MOCAK Collection)

Figure and Design (MOCAK Collection)

26.04.2018 - 26.05.2019

The new exhibition of the MOCAK Collection presents sculptures and objects that the Museum has acquired in the last three years. We show the works by Faig Ahmed, Alpin Arda Bagcik, Daniel Arsham, Feik Beckers, Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Guid Casaretto, Jan Christensen, Sofie Muller, Deborah Sengl, Lee Seung-hee, Daniel Spoerri, Zbigniew Warpechowski.

Since March 2016, as part of our Collection, we have also exhibited the interactive installation by Krystian Lupa Live Factory 2: Warhol by Lupa, constructed on the basis of the film set for his production Factory 2, which premiered in the Stary Theatre in Krakow in 2008.

The Museum has been assembling the MOCAK Collection from its very inception. Today, it numbers 4 883 works by 304 Polish and international artists. It is MOCAK’s goal to bring the meaning of art closer to the viewer and demonstrate that contemporary art is a significant partner of everyday life and provides a meaningful commentary and indispensable critique of the world in which we live. In that sense, art is at the service of all of us. The Collection is an important tool in helping viewers make friends with art. MOCAK’s task is to facilitate encounters between the audiences and works of art.

Level -1
Exhibition date:
26.04.2018 - 26.05.2019
Opening date:
26.04.2018 at 6 pm
Faig Ahmed
Paweł Althamer
Daniel Arsham
Alpin Arda Bağcık
Mirosław Bałka
Feiko Beckers
Krzysztof M. Bednarski
Anatolij Biełow
Ahmad Canaan
Guido Casaretto
Jan Christensen
Louisa Clement
Josef Dabernig
Oskar Dawicki
Stanisław Dróżdż
Edward Dwurnik
Pola Dwurnik
Maya Gold
Leopold Kessler
Krištof Kintera
Ragnar Kjartansson
Grzegorz Klaman
Jarosław Kozłowski
Marek Kvetán
Ane Lan
Frodo Mikkelsen
Sofie Muller
Julian Opie
Yigal Ozeri
Józef Robakowski
Kourosh Salehi
Deborah Sengl
Lee Seung-hee
Daniel Spoerri
Maria Stangret
Zbigniew Warpechowski
Ai Weiwei
Heimo Zobernig
Monika Kozioł
Maria Anna Potocka