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//Architecture as Symbol, Text and Backdrop//

Architecture as Symbol, Text and Backdrop

20.05.2021 - 13.03.2022

Artists employ in many different ways the wealth of meanings that architecture provides. They touch upon the architecture's role as our constant companion and the backdrop of everyday events. And they also turn it into a sophisticated tool of communication.

Architecture as Symbol

Janek Simon turns architectural objects into symbols in order to present his catastrophic visions. When painting the houses from his home village, Rafał Bujnowski draws on his childhood memories. Jiří Kolář turns his photographs of buildings into a metaphor of human destiny.

Architecture as Backdrop

Shinji Ogawa introduces modifications to familiar vistas, testing how observant his viewers are. Andreas Kaufmann removes garish advertisements from urban space, showing cityscape liberated from aesthetic pollution.

Architecture as Text

Wojciech Wilczyk immortalises industrial plants that are falling into decay. On the one hand, they give testimony to history, and on the other, encourage reflection on transience. With his projections, Krzysztof Wodiczko gives buildings human features and turns them into a tool for mediating communication between the excluded or disadvantaged and public opinion.

In 2021 MOCAK is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its opening. For the occasion, we have prepared exhibitions based on the Collection. One of the Museum’s principal goals is to demonstrate to audiences the merit of contemporary art; the Collection is a key vehicle for achieving this. We want the public to have the opportunity to learn more about our collections and the issues they represent, and to see works never exhibited previously, including the new acquisitions. The jubilee exhibitions will show the media and thematic diversity of our ever-expanding Collection.

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Exhibition date:
20.05.2021 - 13.03.2022
Rafał Bujnowski
Andreas Kaufmann
Jiří Kolář
Shinji Ogawa
Janek Simon
Wojciech Wilczyk
Krzysztof Wodiczko
Agnieszka Sachar