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//Ten Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century//

Ten Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century

15.05.2015 - 30.08.2015

At the exhibition we show the eponymous series that portrays the most prominent 20th-century personalities of Jewish extraction. Amongst them are academics, politicians and figures related to the world of culture such as Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Golda Meir, Gertrude Stein and Franz Kafka. Andy Warhol – a leading figure of pop art – was keen on reproducing the facing of the people around him and on experimenting with his own portrait. One of such self-portraits also appears in the exhibition, as a visual commentary on the main section that features in the title of the exhibition. In his portraits, the artist usually employed the technique of silk-screen printing, which allowed him to reproduce a composition repeatedly, also modifying the colour.

Level -1
Exhibition date:
15.05.2015 - 30.08.2015
Opening date:
14.05.2015 at 6 pm
Monika Kozioł