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Paintings from the MOCAK Collection in the University Hospital in Krakow

Paintings from the MOCAK Collection in the University Hospital in Krakow

from 27.10.2021

MOCAK has prepared a selection of dozen paintings from the Collection; these have been reproduced as prints on canvas. The procedure enables viewers to experience the paintings in a way similar to looking at the originals. Each painting is accompanied by an interpretative description that relates the work to the creative output of the given artist.

In our selection we have taken into account the specific circumstances of this display. This art is intended for people who may be awaiting a doctor’s appointment, a diagnosis or medical treatment. Each of these situations is stressful. The images presented are intended to reduce tension, to intrigue, divert attention, amuse or inspire a sense of wonder and reflection. In short, this art is intended to have a therapeutic function.

From the very beginning, MOCAK’s programme has beenunderpinned by the conviction that art is an important tool for life and that its role is to serve society. In the hospital context, we want to draw fully on art’s capacity for sustaining the human spirit.

University Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim, ul. Jakubowskiego 2, Building C, level 0 (entrance next to the main reception)
Edward Dwurnik
Pola Dwurnik
Maya Gold
Agata Kus
Zbigniew Makowski
Muntean / Rosenblum
Shinji Ogawa
Yigal Ozeri
Beata Stankiewicz