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Photo: Dominika Mucha

Lukáš Houdek. Hijra – Between Genders - exhibition open guided tour

01.04.2023 at 12 noon - 1.30 pm

On Saturday 1 April 2023, 12 noon – 1.30 pm join us for a guided tour of the exhibition led by the Czech artist Lukáš Houdek, whose photographs feature in the display.

MOCAK, photo: R. Sosin


30.03.2023 at 6 pm

On Thursday 30 March at 6 pm we invite you to the opening of the exhibitions!

Jerzy Nowosielski, //Girls on the Boat//, 1981, oil / canvas, 80 × 100 cm, Starmach Gallery Collection, photo: M. Gardulski

Artists from Krakow: The Second Krakow Group

30.03.2023 - 24.09.2023

In 1957, the second Krakow Group was formed, an association of independent artists, each with a different way of thinking but all equally committed to art. They were individualists, but what united them was their interest in contemporary art. The basic prerequisite for being invited to join the Group was a creative ‘neurosis’ – a feeling of intoxication with the drug that was making art. In this approach, the second Krakow Group was a few years ahead of Fluxus. It became the Polish avant-garde of postmodernism. Despite its name, artists from cities other than Krakow could also become members.

Jakub Julian Ziółkowski, //Darwin’s Cave//, 2016, oil / canvas, 340 × 230 cm, MOCAK Collection, photo: R. Sosin

You Are Mine

30.03.2023 - 24.09.2023

Jakub Julian Ziółkowski (1980) is one of the most important contemporary Polish artists. The exhibition at MOCAK is the first comprehensive presentation of his work – with 100 works on display, including large-format paintings, elaborate installations, precise drawings and monotypes, small sculptures and ceramic objects. The monumental painting A Dream about Life and the totemic sculpture The Spirit of Our People, exhibited outside, were created especially for the exhibition.

Justyna Smoleń, //Fall in love//, 2022, porcelain, ceramics, collage, 45 × 29 × 20 cm, courtesy J. Smoleń, photo: Rafał Sosin

Return to Ceramics

30.03.2023 - 17.09.2023

Return to Ceramics is an exhibition of works by contemporary artists who use the medium of ceramics in their practice. At the core of the exhibition are works from the MOCAK Collection, by: Feiko Beckers, Burçak Bingöl, Nschotschi Haslinger, Agata Kus, Justyna Smoleń and Jakub Julian Ziółkowski. In addition, the exhibition will feature pieces by Wojciech Ireneusz Sobczyk, Aleksandra Liput, Natalia Kopytko and Tomek Kulka.

Lukáš Houdek, untitled, from the series //Ritika//, 2012-2022, photography, courtesy L. Houdek

Hijra – Between Genders

30.03.2023 - 17.09.2023

The exhibition by Lukáš Houdek, an artist in the MOCAK Collection, explores the subject of the Hijra community in India. ‘Hijra’ is a term used in South Asian countries that refers primarily to people recognised at birth as male, but who reject this identification. Some have undergone sex reassignment surgery to female, while others remain at the stage of hormone therapy or have not made any permanent changes to their bodies.

Krzysztof Maniak, untitled, from the series //Walks//, 2021, photograph, courtesy K. Maniak

Actions in Nature

30.03.2023 - 18.06.2023

The exhibition Actions in Nature is part of a series of presentations by artists whose works can be found in the MOCAK Collection. We will be showing a selection from the dozens of drawings we hold from 2016–2020, as well as new photographs and videos.

Marcin Berdyszak

Thursdays with Artists from the MOCAK Collection. Marcin Berdyszak

09.03.2023 at noon, 2 pm and 5 pm

In February and March 2023, we show an interview with Marcin Berdyszak. The artist talks about the beginnings of his artistic work and his time as a student of art and his work as a teacher, and he discusses the main motives behind his work and his dialogue with the works of other artists.

//Bruno Schulz: Sex-Fiction//, photo: R. Sosin

See You Soon! End-of-Exhibitions Guide Tours in Polish and English

19.02.2023 at 12 noon and 5 pm

On Sunday 19 February, you have the final opportunity to visit the exhibitions ending that day: Bruno Schulz: Sex-Fiction and Janina Turek Life Recorded in 745 Notebooks. Do visit!

042630fd13.jpg - 36859

The Art of Storytelling. We will be discussing the Notes of a Madwoman by Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza

11.02.2023 at 6 pm

On Saturday 11 February, at 6 pm, MOCAK and the Department of Contemporary Criticism of the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian University invite you to a discussion about Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza’s Zapiski wariatki [Notes of a Madwoman]. The session will be held in Polish.