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MOCAK Summer Cinema. Beginners

27.08.2021 at 9 pm

Friday 27 August, 9 pm

Géza Perneczky, from the series //Concepts like Commentary//, 1972, photograph, 30,5 × 40,5 cm, MOCAK Collection, © Géza Perneczky

The Artist Is Present

25.06.2021 - 20.03.2022

The exhibition is a presentation of artistic strategies based on the artist’s use of their own body as a means of expression and a source of symbols. The self-portrait is the underpinning area of such activity, which also involves a study of the body’s strength, attractiveness, disfigurement and functionality. This is where painting and performance work best. This art declares unequivocally that the basic material and inspiration in visual creation is the human being.

Przemek Matecki, untitled [Michaelangelo], from the series //Small Paintings//, 2016–2018, mixed technique / canvas, 20 × 20 cm, MOCAK Collection

Art Feeds on Art

25.06.2021 - 20.03.2022

The works presented at the exhibition are most often based on painting and sculpture, but also on literature and film. The artists draw on old art and the work of their contemporaries. They choose meaningful works and enter into a dialogue with them – whether critical, affirmative, or, occasionally, humorous. They reinterpret literary and film works. They give a topical slant to established iconographic patterns, such as the adoration of the Magi or crucifixion. They create their own variants of well-known masterpieces.

Milan Knížák, //Fly//, 1987, photograph, screw, string, 13.5 × 13.5 cm, MOCAK Collection

Music as Notation: Music as Experiment

25.06.2021 - 13.03.2022

The MOCAK Collection contains several dozen scores of experimental music. These are usually musical notations written in private languages and intended for performers who work directly with the composer. The starting point for this part of the exhibition are works shown in the Polish Institutes in Prague (1983) and Paris (1985), and at the Royal Academy of Music in London (1986) during the exhibition Musical Score as Piece of Art. These include graphic scores by Marek Chołoniewski, Piotr Grella-Możejko, Krzysztof Penderecki, Bogusław Schaeffer and Ewa Synowiec. Another part of the exhibition consists of scores understood in a broader sense. These are written down and drawn plans of action and performance, several of which took place in Krakow.

Jadwiga Sawicka, //Phantoms of Love//, 2017, acrylic, collage / paper, 24,5 × 18 × 2 cm; //Battle of the Sexes//, 2017, acrylic, collage / paper, 20,5 × 13,5 × 3 cm; //In Tears//, 2017, acrylic, collage / paper, 31,5 × 24,5 × 1 cm, courtesy J. Sawicka, photo: R. Sosin

The Cover Alien to the Book: Library Intervention

25.06.2021 - 29.10.2021

As part of her intervention, the artist gave the old books new titles and painted new dust jackets. Thus, the former content of the books was invalidated. The gesture is radical, but not final: the dust jackets can be removed so as to return to the original relationship between the dust jacket and the content.

Photo: R. Sosin


24.06.2021 at 4 pm – 9 pm

You are cordially invited to the jubilee exhibitions of the Museum Collection! Opening: Thursday June 24!

Krzysztof Wodiczko, //Krakow Town Hall Tower//, 1996, documentation of public projection, 11 min 35 s, MOCAK Collection

Thursdays with the Collection. Krzysztof Wodiczko


Through April, May and June we present documentation of Krzysztof Wodiczko’s public projection that took place on the Main Square in Krakow in 1996.

Photo: promotion Department, MOCAK

World Refugee Day at MOCAK


Twentieth of June is World Refugee Day. To mark the occasion, we have prepared a ticket supplement in the form of an educational insert by Pamela Bożek.

Karolina Kowalska, //Neon Light Shades//, 2005, object, 120 cm, MOCAK Collection, photo: Promotion Department, MOCAK

Guided Tour of the MOCAK Collection in English | KRAKERS Cracow Art Week

17.06.2021 at 4 pm

On Thursday 17 June at 4 pm, you are invited to a guided tour in English of the exhibitions in the MOCAK Collection: Dialogue with the Space and Contemporary Models of Realism.

//Art Café// 2018, photo: C. Bondis

Art Café: Open discussion on Art | ENG, PL, UKR, RU, FR

11.06.2021 at 6 pm–8 pm

On Friday 11 June at 6 pm the Nausika Foundation, Collaborate Kraków and MOCAK invite you to the new edition of debate on art for everybody – Art Café.