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Zofia Posmysz. Szrajberka. 7566. Auschwitz 1942–1945

During 1942–1945 Zofia Posmysz was a prisoner at Auschwitz-Birkenau, where she worked in the kitchen and the food warehouse as a scribe. She survived the death march to the KL Ravensbrück, spending the final months of the war in the Neustadt-Glewe camp. After the war she devoted herself to becoming a writer and educator and became a journalist. The experience of the Holocaust became her mission. The richly illustrated publication is a compilation of Zofia Posmysz’s reminiscences and stories recorded by Maria Anna Potocka.

Michel Kichka Second Generation: What I Did Not Tell My Father

Michel Kichka's comic book is an autobiographical narrative in which he relates – sometimes in a humorous or ironic way – some key moments from his childhood, adolescence and adulthood in the shadow of the Shoah.

MOCAK Forum no. 11 Chwistek, Eile, Ingarden, Porębski

Latest issue of our magazine, devoted to MOCAK programme research regarding Leon Chwistek, Marian Eile, Roman Ingarden and Mieczysław Porębski. The artistic and intellectual biographies of these artists are discussed in the context of the activities and planned activities of the Museum.

Jürgen Kaumkötter Death Does Not Have the Last Word. Art Amidst the Catastrophe 1933-1945

MOCAK has published the Polish translation of Death Does Not Have the Last – a book by Jürgen Kaumkötter. The publication accompanies the exhibition Poland – Israel – Germany: The Experience of Auschwitz.

Krzysztof Niemczyk: The Artist’s Syndrome

Krzysztof Niemczyk: The Artist’s Syndrome is a book dedicated to the figure of this uncompromising, maverick Krakow artist. The publication accompanies the exhibition: Krzysztof Niemczyk: Situationist, Writer, Painter.