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מריה אנה פוטוצקה המפעל של אוסקר שינדלר אז והיום (Maria Anna Potocka //Schindler’s Factory: Then and Now//)

מריה אנה פוטוצקה המפעל של אוסקר שינדלר אז והיום (Maria Anna Potocka Schindler’s Factory: Then and Now)

History is embedded in geography and thus occupies a special place on the maps of countries and cities.

The desperation – and success – with which Oskar Schindler fought towards the end of the war to save ‘his’ Jews have bestowed heroic fame on his Emalia factory. It has become a destination of emotional pilgrimages.

In response to frequent questions from viewers MOCAK has prepared a documentary record which provides a detailed history of the site. It is also a declaration of the intent to prove worthy of becoming a part of this history.
Maria Anna Potocka

Language of publication: Hebrew
TranslationAnna Piątek
Academic consultation: Barbara Zbroja
Editorial collaboration: Monika Kozioł, Anna Pyzik
Graphic design, DTP: Rafał Sosin
Format: 170 × 230 mm
Number of pages: 72
ISBN: 978-83-65851-57-4
Year of publication: 2022

The publication is also available in Polish, English and German.