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Guided tours for the blind, catalogues in Braille, typhlographics and audio-descriptions

Published at:12.12.2014

The building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow has been fully made fully accessible for the disabled.  We also have a special offer for the sight-impaired. The blind and the partially-sighted are welcome to participate in individual or group guided tours of the Museum. Dates must be negotiated by phone prior to the visit.

At MOCAK we offer the possibility of organising group and individual guided tours of the Museum for blind and sight-impaired persons. The dates of the tours need to be pre-arranged by telephone. The guide is Zofia Kerneder-Giemborek, a conservator of the most recent art, who has been trained in working closely with the blind. She can aid visitors in moving around the Museum and direct them to works accessible by touch. Further information from the Visitor Care Department, tel. +48 12 263 40 00,

Additionally, in the MOCAK Library there are materials especially adapted for the needs of the blind and partially sighted, such as exhibition catalogues in Braille, also available on loan, as well as typhlographics and audio-descriptions of the exhibition Crime in Art and selected works from the MOCAK Collection, produced in collaboration with the foundation Culture without Barriers, including as part of the Workshop for Zachęta II.

We would also like to invite those who are blind or partially sighted to attend workshops organised at MOCAK.