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//Sport in Art// in Braille

Sport in Art in Braille

This is MOCAK’s first publication in Braille for people with sight loss. It is divided into three parts.
Chapter one refers to a theoretical analysis of the phenomenon of sport – its genesis and significance in our lives, conducted from the anthropological point of view. Part two consists of a brief characteristic of all the works presented at the exhibition. The works have been divided according to their subject matter. At the end there are descriptions of some dozen selected works. A number of works have been presented not only in terms of their content but also reflecting the visual presentation.

editor: Iwona Wojnarowicz
texts: Maria Anna Potocka, Iwona Wojnarowicz
cover design: Rafał Sosin
publication date: 2013

Out of print

The catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition:
Sport in Art
Curators: Monika Kozioł, Maria Anna Potocka, Delfina Piekarska
MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow 19 May – 30 September 2012