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//Economy in Art// in Braille`a

Economy in Art in Braille`a

Economy in Art is the second MOCAK publication in Braille for
the convenience of people with sight loss.

The publication consists of two parts. In the part written in Braille, we present descriptions of selected most important works from the exhibition. The descriptions are organised to fit in with the order of visiting works recommended to people with sight loss. Some works have been described in detail, whereas others have only been referred to so as to give the flavour of the entire exhibition. In particular, decriptions of all videos have been omitted as too space-consuming. The audio disc covers selected theoretical and critical texts, derived from the black-and-white publication accompanying the exhibition. These are articles by Łukasz Gorczyca How Much Can You Lose on This? A Few Remarks about the Economics of Art Taken from Practice, Jerzy Hausner’s Art, Communicationa and and Art in Economics by Maria Anna Potocka.

The catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition:


language of publication: Polish
texts and editing: Iwona Wojnarowicz
graphic design, DTP: Maria Markowska
format: 210 × 270 mm
ISBN 978-83-62435-29-6

Out of print

Audio disc
texts by: Łukasz Gorczyca, Jerzy Hausner, Maria Anna Potocka
format: 210 × 270 mm
Binding: hardback
ISBN 978-83-62435-29-6
publication date: 2013

Economy in Art
curators: Monika Kozioł, Delfina Piekarska, Maria Anna Potocka
Exhibition co-ordinator: Jeanne Pagin
MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
17 May 2013–29 September 2013