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//The MOCAK Collection// in Braille

The MOCAK Collection in Braille

The publication is the third, after Sport in Art and Economics in Art MOCAK publication made available in Braille for people with sight loss.
The catalogue presents selected works from the MOCAK Collection. Each part is dedicated to one artist and a selection of his or her works in the MOCAK Collection. The publication also contains the artists’ biographies, descriptions of their works and their brief interpretations. The selection of works was guided by how attractive the works would be for the reader as well as their importance in the Collection itself. We have also placed an emphasis on displaying the variety of the media and forms used by contemporary artists.

texts by:
Monika Kozioł, Izabela Liśkiewicz, Maria Anna Potocka, Anna Sulich-Liga, Iwona Wojnarowicz, Katarzyna Wincenciak
language of publication: polish
editor: Iwona Wojnarowicz
graphic design, DTP: Rafał Sosin
format: 210 × 270 mm
cover: hardback
ISBN 978-83-62435-97-5
publication date: 2013