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Edward Dwurnik

Painting, drawing, graphics. The work of Nikifor had a very great influence on the shaping of his language of artistic expression. In the second half of the 1960s, he began working on his largest and oldest series, Hitchhiking. The pictures that make it up are contemporary townscapes from a bird’s eye view, with a characteristic drawing form. Aside from the „portraits” of towns, Dwurnik also makes images of provincial human types rooted in their everyday reality. Works with political messages appear in his art and refer to concrete historical events from the communist period.

Edward Dwurnik, Batowice


Technique: oil on canvas
Measurement: 120 × 280 cm
Date: 2009
b697b157ff.jpg - 23984

Hunting a Dangerous Villain

Technique: oil on canvas
Measurement: 250 × 410 cm
Date: 1982
Edward Dwurnik, Krakow Folks, Show Us What You've Got, 2005

Krakow Folks, Show Us What You've Got

Technique: oil, acrylic on canvas (painting installation)
Measurement: 160 × 830 cm
Date: 2005