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Andrzej Dłużniewski

Painting, drawing, photography, installation. A conceptual artist. He postulates a search for utility in art based on the assumption that the most important consideration is to provoke reflection on the work of art. Author of a series of paintings employing plays on words in Polish, English and German. The idea relies on the grammatical differences between the three languages; for instance, in Polish ‘head’ is a feminine noun, and in German – a masculine noun. He has carried out an analysis of the traditional media through performance, for example drawing a nude study on the body of a naked model.

22 Figurative Paintings

Technique: photograph
Measurement: different
Date: 1979

Der die das

Technique: acrylic / canvas
Measurement: 304 × 162 cm
Date: 1984

Drawing of a Nude

Technique: photograph
Measurement: 96 × 63 cm /x13/
Date: 1979