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The modern countryside - a discussion

The modern countryside - a discussion

10.01.2013 at 6 pm

Published at:02.01.2013

On Thursday 10 January at 6 pm you are welcome to a meeting organised by MOCAK and Autoportret devoted to the spatial and identity issues of the contemporary rural population. Entry free.

The countryside is not a high-profile topic in the Polish discourse on space, and yet it is the countryside that during the past decade has been undergoing changes that have radically transformed its character and landscape. The inevitability of the modernising processes and the disappearance of community relations are vital issues that are overlooked in a discussion dominated by identity. The countryside does still exist in Poland. What will become of it?

With: Piotr Nowak, Daniel Rycharski and Magda Zych.
Led by: Dorota Leśniak-Rychlak.


Recording of the session in Polish