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//Poetry from the Bus at MOCAK//

Poetry from the Bus at MOCAK

28.07.2013 at 17

Published at:19.07.2013

We would like to welcome you to a series of concerts by the Piotr Lutyński band. Come and chill out! There will be live music and comfortable sun loungers to relax in, as well as barbecue facilities, where everyone can grill whatever tasty snacks they bring with them.

The first concert will take place on 28 July at 5 pm, after the end of the 2nd summer bazArt, where there will be a chance to swap books. Piotr Lutyński’s band will be playing next to the MOCAK Café. The poet and writer Joanna Oparek will give a melo-recitation. This will be followed by music-cum-poetry performances with: Piotr Jasek, Julia Kamińska, Kamilla Baar (8.8) and Wojciech Bonowicz (21.9).

The band: Piotr Lutyński (violin), Małgorzata Tekiel (bass guitar), Amina Dargham (guitar), Marek Kozica (cello), Leszek Wiśniowski (saxophone), Tony Wrafter (saxophone), Walentyn Dubrowskij (accordion), Rafał Kukiełko (bass guitar), David Grant (guitar), Ryszard Hojka (percussion), Radosław Stephanides (ukulele), Andrzej Pietroń (driver, cowbells), Marcin Gulis (guitar, photographic documentation).

Piotr Lutyński – PROJECT KR 736EJ – Bus – Workshop – Gallery

The bus is an object that keeps evolving by acquiring layers of the traces left behind by ever more concerts, performances, happenings and multimedia shows. The idea is based on a travelling theatre, a mobile cinema, a musical cavalcade, or Kurt Schwitters activities around the Merz column.

At the same time, the bus is a part of Piotr Lutyński’s workshop; it incorporates his paintings and sculptures dating from various periods, including an almost two-metre high column, a wooden plank, a mirror with a stag’s head inscribed ‘Second Life’ as well as various other objects, abstract paintings, notes, catalogues and DVDs, projected from the windows.

A professionally set up stage has been placed on the roof of the bus. During the show, a table is placed in front of the bus with a free buffet for the guests and the performers.

During the performance, the viewers are gradually introduced to the new form of presentation. Birdsong, the Leitmotif, is played in the background, along with film projections.

The performance makes use of various types of music, from jazz, blues, rock and folk to melo-recitation and experimental music.

The bus-sculpture would not have been possible without the input from friends – the invited poets and musicians.