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BazArt: A Second Lease of Life for the Book

BazArt: A Second Lease of Life for the Book

28.07.2013 at 12

Published at:18.07.2013

On 28 July, visit bazArt, now in its second summer, and this time dedicated to book swapping. This is a special edition of A Second Lease of Life for the Book, organised jointly with the Krakow Festival Office and the portal Bookeriada.pl.

We like books – reading them, paging through them, or just having them, if not actually collecting them. We can all find books on our shelves that are special to us, books that we feel attached to. But we are also bound to have some books that we would like to share with others.

How does the swapping work?

Anyone can take part in the free book swap. All you need to do is to bring at least one, and no more than ten, books – they have to be in a good condition! Any book published prior to 1995 can only be swapped for another published during the same period. Books published later – after 1995 – can be swapped for any books. Books on art are especially welcome!


The swap starts at 12 noon.

Look-book – Bind Your Book

BazArt participants will have a unique opportunity to bind artistically their books acquired during the swap with paper, especially designed for the occasion by Piotr Lutyński. You will also have at your disposal other materials that can be used to make souvenir book markers.

Let’s Play!

You are invited to relax on sun loungers, try the snacks and listen to the music but also, on this occasion, you can play a game! For the participants there will be all kinds of board games to try out, from Ludo to Monopoly.

Exhibition Guided Tours

At 2 pm, you are invited to a guided tour of the exhibition Economics in Art, and at 3 pm – to a guided tour of the Mieczysław Porębski Library.

BazArt for Children

At noon, the workshop The Riches of Art will start. It has been prepared for children and teenagers aged 8 – 12. As part of the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition Economics in Art as well as to familiarise themselves with the basic concepts from the field of economics, as well as to express themselves through art works. Pre-booking necessary.

We invite all children to the MOCAK Library for a fun book time! The children will be able to listen to the readings from top children’s favourites, comfortably seated on colourful cushions. The session leader will be a qualified bibliotherapist.

12 noon – the children will listen to the reading of one of the all-time favourites from the series about Freddy the Pig by Walter R. Brooks and colour in illustrations by Kurt Wiese. Freddy the Pig is the American equivalent of Winnie the Pooh, cherished by millions of children all over the world.

1 pm – presentation of Martin Ernstsen’s comic The Hermit. The children will read the book with each as a different character and find out who the eponymous Hermit actually is.

2 pm – sharing in reading about the adventures of Kazimierz the Bear, the hero of the series on this resourceful and sensitive smarty-pants, dressed in blue pyjamas.

MOCAK Bookstore Discounts

For the day, the Museum bookshop will have 25% discounts on the price of all MOCAK publications. Those taking part in the swap will get 10% discounts on selected books, on showing a special stamp on their swapped book.

Let’s help animals!

During bazArt, there will also be a collection of food and toys for the puppies and kittens from the Krakow Homeless Animals’ Home.

Come to the concert and picnic!

After bazaart, you are invited to a communal barbecue. Bring your favourite food. At 5 pm, there will be a concert Poetry on the Bus by Piotr Lutyński’s group, straight from the Dziadobus. Joanna Oparek will read poetry.

BazArt is an event to accompany the exhibition Economics in Art, which deals with the relationship between money and art. The banknote is one of the symbols recurrent in the exhibition. In a contrary fashion, BazArt has chosen to do without money. The event postulates that it is possible to live without money.