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The Report on the first two years of MOCAK’s activities is now available

The Report on the first two years of MOCAK’s activities is now available

Published at:18.07.2013

Find out more about the activities of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow from the Report on its activities during the period 2010–2012. The 140-page plus publication covers the key events, exhibitions and projects carried out in the institution and maps out the main directions of the Museum’s work.

Over the period of the first two years since its opening, MOCAK has conducted a broad spectrum of exhibition and education activities. In each of the two years, there took place three major openings: in February, in May and in October. During the first two May events, programmed to be the most significant, we presented exhibitions from the series that combines art with significant civilisational categories: Economics in Art and Sport in Art.

MOCAK has set out to meet the requirements of those looking for professional literature. All the exhibitions presented at MOCAK have been accompanied by ample catalogues. We have opened the Museum Library and the MOCAK Bookstore offers a broad spectrum of books related to art as well as artistic objects. The Mieczysław Porębski Library has also been made available to the public.

The Museum has been running an ambitious educational programme. The projects prepared by our Education Department have been tailor-made for a varied selection of target groups. The lectures, encounters with artists and art experts, discussions and film shows have aimed to demonstrate that MOCAK is not an institution enclosed within the art world, but that it does indeed have something for everyone.

Alongside the ever-increasing number of events organised by MOCAK, its space and collections have been growing. The MOCAK site is now a veritable city of art, and its Collection now numbers as many as over 3 500 works.

Please read the full version of the Report.