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Participatory Architecture

Participatory Architecture

Published at:03.07.2012

MOCAK , together with Self-portrait (published by Małopolski Instytut Kultury) cordially invite you to a meeting about participatory architecture, which will take place on Thursday 5 July at 6 pm.

The session will be hosted by Artur Celiński (Res Publica Nowa). The participants in the discussion will be: Ludwika Ignatowicz of the Association Odblokuj [De-Block] who will share her experiences of the practical implementation of concept of residents’ participation in the design process, and Paweł Jaworski, a member of the Foundation Napraw Sobie Miasto [Mend Your City].

The participants of the meeting will have a chance to discuss specifically whether residents can, or should, be included in the various stages of the process of urban planning.  They will look at political and social implications of the process as well as at the risks of such participation gone astray. Finally, they will address the potential consequences of the in-depth realisation of the various forms of implementation of the idea of participatory urban design for the shape of contemporary urban space.

The session will be accompanied by a new issue of Autoportret Participation and Participation.