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Opening of the exhibition //Let’s Meet!//

Opening of the exhibition Let’s Meet!

14.09.2013 at 11.30 am

Published at:10.09.2013

You are invited to the opening which will take place on Saturday 14 September at 11.30 am in MOCAK main building. At the exhibition there will be presented the works, paintings and art objects created during the series of workshops as part of the project Let’s Meet!

The project Let’s Meet! has been conducted since April 2013 by the MOCAK Education Department jointly with the Wspólnota Nadziei Foundation, which runs the Farma Centre of Knowledge and Life – a permanent residence, work, therapy and rehabilitation centre for autistic adults. The clients of the Foundation have been invited to participate in a series of six workshops, during which they had an opportunity to get to know MOCAK better, to acquaint themselves with our exhibitions and to create their own works. In turn, the MOCAK team paid a visit at the beginning of September to the Farma centre, run by the Foundation.

After the opening you are welcome to a free guided tour of the exhibition Economics in Art.