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BazArt: Preserves – Swap Jam for Gherkins!

BazArt: Preserves – Swap Jam for Gherkins!

21.09.2013 at 12 pm

Published at:28.08.2013

On 21 September you are invited to the fourth, and the last summer bazArt, where we’ll be swapping food preserves.

Summer’s almost gone. The nights are drawing in… autumn is upon us. But autumn is also the season of mellow fruitfulness… abundance of fruit and vegetables. Time to make preserves! Shelves are beginning to groan under jams, marinades, juices and cordials. Why not share the treats we’ve made while also sampling new flavours?

All fans of DIY in stocking food for the winter can take part in our cashless swap. You can also swap products just for new recipes.

The programme of the event includes: presentation of interesting ideas for preserve-making, a guided tour of the exhibition Economics in Art and a workshop related to the book Pestka, drops, cukierek. Liczby kultury, which provides an unusual introduction for children into the world of economic concepts.

Sweet teeth, or we invite you to workshops

The BazArt devoted to food preserves will be accompanied by unique workshops for the little and the big ones. Together with Chocola you will learn to make your own sweets – colourful cake pops or funny lollipops. And if you prefer papercraft, join our paper basketry workshop. You will encase your jars, bottles and flasks in paper baskets. The number of participants is limited.

Join the urban game!

We would also like to invite you to take part in the urban game The Art of Eating, organised in conjunction with the Partnership for the Environment Foundation. The exhibition will start at 11 am at Targ Pietruszkowy in Rynek Podgórski in Krakow. Every participant will get an apple from a local producer, a map and directions how to get to the next target point where another task to be solved will be awaiting. The participants will have to be on their most alert in order to reach the final destination!

Participation in the game is free. There will be tasty prizes for all participants who reach the finish. You can pre-register until 19 September at: katarzyna.salus@fpds.pl.

Send in your recipes

Send in your recipes until 19 September! The 20 best recipes will be printed out and displayed on our bazArt noticeboard. Please send your recipes to: was@mocak.pl.

BazArt is an event accompanying the exhibition Economics in Art, which takes on board the relationship between art and money. The banknote is a recurrent theme in the exhibition. In the spirit of contrariness, our bazArt is based on completely cashless barter, to show that life without money is indeed possible.