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MOCAK Studio. //Marcin Berdyszak: Vicious Circles of Madness//

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MOCAK Studio. Marcin Berdyszak: Vicious Circles of Madness

Published at:01.03.2021

MOCAK invite you to a discussion with Marcin Berdyszak about the exhibition Vicious Circles of Madness. The artist will present the most important aspects of his works and will reflect on the presence of myths and stereotypes in his art. He will also talk about the artists with whom he is engaged in a creative dialogue.

Individual questions to the artists with his answers will be published on MOCAK Facebook and Instagram. The whole conversation can be found on our YouTube.

Translation into Polish Sign Language (PSL): Magdalena Sipowicz

More about the exhibition Vicious Circles of Madness here >>

Due to the temporary closure of museums caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have extended the duration of the exhibition Vicious Circles of Madness. The closing date of the exhibition: 3.5.2021.