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Mini Guided Tour in English: //Poetic Resistance in Art//

Mini Guided Tour in English: Poetic Resistance in Art

27.05.2021 at 12 noon

Published at:12.02.2021

On Thursday 27 May at 12 noon, MOCAK invites you for a Mini Guided Tour in English entitled: Poetic Resistance in Art. You can join us at the Museum or follow the tour LIVE on MOCAK Facebook.

How can language, philosophy, and semantics inform activist driven art? How can art be a form of political protest and a visualization of unity in nuanced and overt ways? Let’s explore this topic by considering a variety of examples of art that address these questions.

The Mini Guided Tours in English will be led by Joanna Pottle – an American visual artist, researcher, educator, and recent US Fulbright alumna residing in Krakow and collaborating with MOCAK.

No pre-booking required. The event will be held in English in small groups (up to 4 people) and according to MOCAK Visitors’ Guidelines. The tours start at the main MOCAK Reception Desk. Estimated duration of the tour: 15 min. For more information or assistance please contact: edukacja@mocak.pl or + 48 12 263 40 35 (TuesdaySaturday, 95 pm).

Timetable of Mini Guided Tours >>