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Guidance and Conditions of Entry

Guidance and Conditions of Entry for Visitors to MOCAK the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow


I. General Terms

  1. The Museum is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am until 7 pm. The ticket office is open from Tuesday until Sunday from 11 am until 6:30 pm. Detailed information about the Museum’s opening times and ticket prices is available on or in the Museum’s ticket office.
  2. The purchase of an entry ticket implies agreement to the terms specified in this Guidance and the Conditions of Entry, available from the Museum Reception and
  3. On Thursdays entry to MOCAK permanent exhibitions is free.
  4. The last admission to the exhibitions in Building A is half an hour before they close, and to all other exhibition spaces – 15 minutes before closing time.
  5. Admission to the permanent and temporary exhibitions on presentation of a valid entry ticket, entry card or invitation.

II. Rules for Visitors

  1. Parents or carers are responsible for those under age.
  2. On the Museum’s premises the visitors will at all times follow the requests and instructions of the Museum staff, including security and exhibition guards.
  3. Persons who behave in a manner likely to endanger others or the collections, or those who disturb the quiet enjoyment of other visitors and infringe generally accepted norms of behaviour in public places may be asked to leave the Museum premises.
  4. On the Museum premises, there is a CCTV monitoring system in operation. It is forbidden to cover up faces when visiting the Museum.
  5. For the duration of the visit, visitors should leave their outer clothing and any luggage and in particular suitcases, rucksacks, bags and umbrellas in the Museum cloakroom (the member of staff on duty in the Reception will have the final decision in case of any dispute). The penalty for losing the cloakroom token is 10zł and for losing the locker key – 25zł (the visitor will be issued a KP printout as confirmation of having paid the penalty fee).
  6. To ensure safety, visitors may be asked to undergo an electronic search for dangerous objects and materials. In some circumstances, visitors may be asked to allow the inspection of luggage left in the cloakroom.
  7. On the Museum premises including in permanent and temporary exhibitions, the following prohibitions apply:

1) Strictly no touching any exhibits or elements of the exhibition display structure apart from those that have been marked with the following symbol:

2) No filming or taking photographs using a tripod or flash;
3) No bringing in or carrying of animals, with the exception of guide dogs;
4) No bringing and consuming food and drink; smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes/vapes;
5) No bringing any objects or substances harmful to people or property;
6) No entering the premises under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any mood-altering substances;
7) No use of musical instruments, equipment recording image and sound or any sound-producing or amplifying equipment;
8) No sliding on the floor.

8. The following activities require the consent of the Director of the Museum:

1) Conducting any commercial activity including the supply of goods or services;
2) Organising on the Museum premises meetings, gatherings, advertising or photographic sessions;
3) Displaying on the Museum premises banners, symbols or emblems;
4) Making and using films and photographs for any purpose other than personal use.

III. Other Provisions

  1. Damage to or destruction of any exhibit or element of the exhibition infrastructure will trigger will give rise to formal proceedings.
  2. The Museum provides information about the sensitive content of some exhibitions, expressed in writing and graphic signs. This information is available in the vicinity of the Museum ticket office, or in the exhibition area.