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Meet Simone Demandt and Rafał Jakubowicz

Meet Simone Demandt and Rafał Jakubowicz

19.05.2012 at 14.00

Published at:16.05.2012

On Saturday 19 May at 2 pm visit the Goethe-Institut to meet Simone Demandt and Rafał Jakubowicz, artists taking part in the exhibition Sport in Art. Led by: Delfina Piekarska, one of the exhibition’s curators.

The German photographer Simone Demandt and the Polish visual artist Rafał Jakubowicz will focus on the works shown as part of the exhibition Sport in Art. The debate will probe the themes that the invited artists have raised both in their works related to sport and within their artistic activities in general, as well as the ways in which the medium of art makes facilitates understanding of the world around us.

The debate will be part of the anniversary programme to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Goethe-Institut in Krakow.

Simone Demandt – artist photographer
Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Art History in Stuttgart. Works with various photographic techniques. Her work is characterised by experimentation within the broad medium of photography. Her subject interests range from portraits to the photographs of objects and interiors. She employs the medium of photography to reflect on the world around us, using the camera as a tool for contemplating perception. She demonstrates the ways in which photography can alter how we view reality.

Rafał Jakubowicz – artist, historian and art critic
Since 2002, a member of the Wunderteam art group. In his work employs various media: painting, installation, video, photography, gallery exhibitions and projects in public space. In his art, takes on board the theme of memory, probing why it suppresses some things, whilst retaining and preserving others. He is interested in historical consciousness, but also the awareness of perception. He investigates the role of art in society.