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Krzysztof M. Bednarski

(b. 1953)
Sculpture, installation, object, video. The artist has a feel for three-dimensional objects that enables him to translate ideas into the form of sculpture. He returns obsessively to certain motifs such as the shape of Moby Dick or the head of Karl Marx, making use of their symbolic potential and on their basis creates new symbolic sequences. For many years he has worked closely with the cinema industry, designing posters and playing small film parts. He creates works inspired by film and has designed a number of monuments and tombstones of famous film directors.

ad6fffff8f.jpg - 20723

Design for Wisława Szymborska Award (for a Fundation Named after the Poet)

Technique: sculpture
Measurement: 44 × 25 × 20 cm
Date: 2013
photo: artist's archive

Lenin’s Missing Arm

Technique: installation
Date: 1995
47a53ee029.jpg - 24188

Reading Capital (Das Kapital lesen)

Technique: installation
Measurement: 130 × 160 × 35 cm
Date: 2014