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//Już trudno// [//Too Bad//] – Meet Anda Rottenberg

Już trudno [Too Bad] – Meet Anda Rottenberg

11.09.2014 at 6 pm

Published at:05.09.2014

On 11 September at 6 pm we invite you to meet the author Anda Rottenberg talking about her book Rottenberg. Too Bad. Maria Anna Potocka will lead the discussion with Anda Rottenberg and Dorota Jarecka.

Dorota Jarecka interviewed Anda Rottenberg; the result is a ‘history of an emancipation that begins in the 1960s when Rottenberg was taking her first steps in Warsaw’s Zachęta, where she was a tourist guide and administered the reception of works arriving in the gallery. Her professional development spanned watershed years in Polish history: 1968, 1976, 1980 and 1989. Each of these moments had a different impact on art.
At the beginning of the regime transformation, Rottenberg was employed in the Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture, where she could observe the demolition of the old system being replaced by the new one. In the 1990s, she returned to Zachęta and found herself in the thick of the most significant battle for the state of the art to have taken place in Poland, in which what was at stake was the right of the individual, that is to say the artist, to the freedom of speech.
For many years, Rottenberg had endeavoured to set up a museum of contemporary art in Warsaw. Today, she is aided by her fame as an author of exibitions, texts about art and her autobiographical book You’re Welcome. Anda Rottenberg is working on her next exhibition, she lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and she cycles around Warsaw.’ Too Bad, from the book blurb

The discussion will be conducted in Polish.

At the launch, Too Bad will be available at MOCAK Bookstore at the promotional price of 30 PLN.

Recording of the session in Polish