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Julian Antoniszczak's //Opowieści graficzne//

Julian Antoniszczak's Opowieści graficzne

05.10.2013 at 1 pm

Published at:24.09.2013

On 5 October at 1 p.m. you are invited to a meeting dedicated to Julian Antoniszczak's book Opowieści graficzne (Graphic Stories). The guests of the meeting will be: Danuta, Malwina and Sabina Antoniszczak, Ryszard Antoniszczak (artist's brother), and Kuba Woynarowski. The meeting will be chaired by Piotr Marecki and Andrzej Robak.

Julian Józef Antoniszczak (Antonisz) was unquestionably the most versatile artist in the history of Polish cinema: a director, screenwriter, the author of visuals, a composer, as well as an inventor and construction engineer of the apparatus he used to make his films.

The book portrays him as a unique author of picture stories and comic strips as well. From the youthful, 64-page endeavours Przygoda Hitlera from 1954, through an extensive pictorial shooting script for an unshot film Pierony (1970s), to a 22-page photo comic book Jak powstało Muzeum Filmu Non-Camera (1984), the book reflects the diversity of topics as well as narrative and graphic techniques used by the author.

Free admission.