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Jarosław Kozłowski

(b. 1945)                                                                                                                                             Installation, object, drawing, performance.An exemplar of conceptualism in Polishart. His installations make use of drawings,photographs, and objects. In his work, heenters into a critical-analytical discussion withart, deconstructing the myths of the artist,cultural institutions, originality, and artistic freedom.

A united world - the totalitarian version

Technique: installation / steel grating, furniture, household accessories, flags
Measurement: Ø circa 5 m
Date: 2000

Counting-Out Rhyme

Technique: installation
Measurement: bowls: ø 20 cm (each); cloth: 50 × 40 cm (each)
Date: 2005

Cover Your Face

Technique: drawing / crayon, pencil, paper
Measurement: 55 × 71,5 cm
Date: 1988

Recycled News II

Technique: installation painting / watercolor, newsprint
Measurement: 49 cm × 63,5 cm (each)
Date: 2009