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Guided tour of the Daniel Spoerri exhibition

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Guided tour of the Daniel Spoerri exhibition

19.03.2017 at 12

Published at:06.03.2017

On Sunday 19 March at 12 noon we would like to invite you to a guided tour of the exhibition Daniel Spoerri Art Taken Out of the Ordinary exhibition.

One can judge an artist by whether he has discovered his own method of ‘processing the world’ – one that opens the eyes of others to new symbolic areas. Daniel Spoerri is a great artistic discoverer. His main inspiration has been culinary ‘art’ – what we eat, what we eat on, how we arrange our meals and what is left behind. His works from the series Snare-pictures are a great event in the history of art; these are works that are not only witty, ironic and nostalgic but also invested with a touch of existential angst linked to transitoriness. The motif of ‘human left-overs’ inspired Spoerri to produce further series of works. The title of one of them – What Remains! – states his interest explicitly.

The tour will be held in Polish. Admission is included in the price of the ticket.