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Concert: Kaeru by Ernest Ogórek and Jakub Julian Ziółkowski

Concert: Kaeru by Ernest Ogórek and Jakub Julian Ziółkowski

16.09.2023 at 6 pm

Published at:10.08.2023

You are invited to an event accompanying the Jakub Julian Ziółkowski exhibition You Are Mine.

Jakub Julian Ziółkowski on the concert:

The voice of the drum as ancient as a heartbeat, the travelling rhythm of the forces of nature has met the counter drum, the double bass, the string voice of contemporary musical culture. An avant-garde improvisation. Two men of sound: Ernest Ogórek and Jakub Julian Ziółkowski.

KAERU (Frog) improvises a multi-stage song. From the contemplation of silence, a process of sound metamorphosis emerges, states of mind change, the rattles scatter thoughts, a voice calls us to the ancestral cave. The song of life flows, and its sonic interpretation dynamically changes faces, representing a world of infinite potential for events.

The practice of entering into and participating in transformations – to put it simply – changing; the essence of creativity.


Admission 20 PLN. Tickets available online >> and at the Museum box office before the concert.