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BazArt: Seedlings – Greens for Greens!

BazArt: Seedlings – Greens for Greens!

06.07.2013 at 12

Published at:27.06.2013

Join us at the first summer bazArt, 6 July from 12 noon to 4 pm!

Bring your plants, seeds, young trees and bushes and swap them with others! If you decide to give your plant to the Museum, we will thank you with a MOCAK flowerpot. The seedlings will then embellish one of the squares in Zabłocie.

For the body, for the soul

When you are tired of painting flowerpots and planting seedlings, you can join us for a snack under MOCAK’s arcades, or listen to music and take a rest at our comfy deckchairs.

We help animals!

At the bazArt, we will also collect dog and cat food and toys for puppies and kittens from the Krakow’s shelter for homeless animals.

Programme of the day

12 noon – seedlings swap

1 pm – hydePARK – a discussion panel on plant cultivation and city gardens. Guests include, among others: Zosia Kerneder, MOCAK’s art restorer who originated the idea of setting up a garden at the rooftop of her block building, Jarosław Tabor – representative of the Environmental Development Department at Krakow’s Municipal Office, gardener and protector of trees, Karol Kurnicki sociologist, a doctoral student at the Jagiellonian University, Łucja Piekarska-Duraj representative of project 'Dzieło-Działka: the art of the allotment', Tomasz Baluś  journalist, founder of the portal NaszaKalwaria.pl, representative of project 'Grand planting' - 'Kill smog over Krakow', Piotr Klepacki - ethnobotanist and representative of project 'Gardener's Dog'.

2 pm – a guided tour of Economics in Art

3 pm – Animals in Piotr Lutyński’s Art – the artist will talk about his exhibition Territory and the way he works with animals

4 pm – we head out to Zabłocie to plant the seedlings gathered during the event

The BazArty accompany the Economics in Art exhibition, which deals with the relationship between money and art, taking the banknote as one of its leitmotifs. The BazArty, in a subversive manner, choose to try to do without, suggesting in the process that it might just be possible to live without money.

The non-cash barter fairs will take place four times this summer. Apart from seedlings (6 July), you will also be able to exchange: books (28 July), clothes (10 August) and preserves (21 September). Everyone can bring their stash of treasure and swap it for something else.