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An event in Nuremberg accompanying Rune Eraker's //Uprooted// exhibition

An event in Nuremberg accompanying Rune Eraker's Uprooted exhibition

03.04.2014 at 8 pm

Published at:20.03.2014

On 3rd April at 8 pm we would like to invite you to the Krakow House in Nuremberg to a session accompanying Rune Eraker's Uprooted exhibition, which is currently displayed at MOCAK.

The guests of the session will be Maria Anna Potocka, MOCAK's director, and Adam Golec. Maria Anna Potocka will talk about Rune Eraker's exhibition. Adam Golec will talk about socially engaged photography and present his own projects.

Adam Golec was born in 1970. He graduated from Lodz Film School. He is a photographer, portrait artist, documentalist. He has won numerous prizes in photography contests, including Grandpressphoto, Newsreportaż, BZWBK Press Foto, Konkurs Polskiej Fotografii Prasowej.

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