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A meeting dedicated to the book //szu szu//

A meeting dedicated to the book szu szu

11.10.2013 at 6 pm

Published at:27.09.2013

In 2001 three artists - at the time all students of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts - launched a mobile platform for artistic activity: the szu szu flying gallery. It served Piotr Kopik, Ivo Nikić and Karol Radziszewski as a model for cooperation, presentation and communication, based on an autonomous form of organization and cooperation with other artists. The trio has formed a group grounded in action, with no permanent address, each time sparking up a situation where art can spontaneously flourish in a new, specific context.

This publication serves as an archive of activities carried out by szu szu. It comprises selected photo archive along with texts and interviews with participants of art actions and exhibitions. Critical-historial enquiries of curators and critics: Grzegorz Borkowski, Kaja Pawełek, Konrad Schiller, Stach Szabłowski, Kuba Szreder i Katarzyna Szydłowska, constitute a substantial part of the book. The author of graphic design is Studio Noviki.

Led by: Wojciech Szymański