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A curator-guided tour of the exhibition Beyond Corrupted Eye: Akumulatory 2 Gallery, 1972–1990

30.03.2013 at 12 noon

Published at:28.02.2013

Akumulatory 2 was a gallery in Poznań, which for 18 years (1972–1990) presented non-commercial art by artists both Polish and from all over the world. Many outstanding exhibitions took place at the venue and the gallery also created a community of people living by and for the sake of art. In all, 195 presentations took place there, including exhibitions, performances, actions and musical events. The present exhibitions aims to present the history of the gallery Akumulatory 2.

‘The material collected at the exhibition provides an insight into the artistic practices developed outside the official art world, outside the divisive structure of the centre and the periphery – into the vast area of art strategies made reality in a small, alternative gallery that worked together with artists from all over the world, in spite of having to function within the restrictive status quo of communism’, said Bożena Czubak, the curator of the exhibition.

Tour guide: Bożena Czubak

Participation free with the ticket, no need to pre-book.