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A curator-guided tour of the exhibition //Everything Forever – Now: Polish and British Sustainable Design //

A curator-guided tour of the exhibition Everything Forever – Now: Polish and British Sustainable Design

09.03.2013 at 12 noon

Published at:27.02.2013

Magda Kochanowska  will be talking about the works of Polish and British designers who, thanks to ‘intelligent design’, in an organic way develop a sustainable environment and prevent undue pollution.

‘”Sustainability” is a key concept setting the course for the development of contemporary design. According to that doctrine, economic progress should not be the cause of destruction in the natural environment, ‘ points out Magda Kochanowska.

The guiding principle behind the exhibition is the co-functioning of three factors: the planet, the people and profit. The exhibition presents such examples of sustainable design as the Airbike, produced with additive technology, the Laminarium bench, made using 21 sheets of the seeweed and the Balloon Rubber – a lighting design produced out of recycled plastic. These products have been designed taking into account all their future life stages, starting from the phase of sourcing the material, via production, distribution, sale and making use of the objects, all the way to the moment of their being phased out of use.

Participation free with the ticket, no need to pre-book.