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Virtual tour of the exhibition //Artists from Krakow: The Generation 1950–1969// with the curators | #MOCAKonline

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Virtual tour of the exhibition Artists from Krakow: The Generation 1950–1969 with the curators | #MOCAKonline

04.02.2021 at 7 pm

Published at:26.01.2021

On Thursday 4 February at 7 pm take a guided tour of the exhibition Artists from Krakow: The Generation 1950–1969. The curators Monika Kozioł and Martyna Sobczyk will talk about the works. The session will be conducted in Polish.

The exhibition presents artists connected with Krakow and born in the 1950s and 1960s. This is the third exhibition in a series inaugurated by MOCAK in October 2015. The aim of this series is to provide an overview of art in the city that has for centuries been the artistic capital.

The artists presented share the singular impact of the time in which they grew up. The status quo of the People’s Republic of Poland forced them to delineate their personal freedom. They sought it through protest actions, scandals, detachment from the reality around them, or mystical and transcendental quests. The aim of the exhibition is to show the diversity and sources of inspiration of this generation of artists. An analysis of the output of individual artists has made it possible to select works best suited to illustrate their philosophy of art. The exhibition does not set itself thematic or media limitations. We present painting, drawing, photography, objects and installations. Some of the authors have been internationally successful, others create their art locally, in private context. The juxtaposition has given the exhibition scope to broaden the picture of Krakow artistic scene.

More information about the exhibition >>

During the event you will be able to ask question on the Museum Facebook.

The guided tour will take place exclusively through the online broadcast on PLAY KRAKÓW. Entry ticket 2 PLN, buy here >>

The publication that accompanies the exhibition is now available. More info here >>

Due to the temporary closure of museums caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition Artists from Krakow: The Generation 1950–1969 has been extended. The closing date will be advised on the Museum web page: www.mocak.pl