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//Utopian Design// and //Obsessive Scenes// exhibitions at Wrocław Contemporary Museum

Utopian Design and Obsessive Scenes exhibitions at Wrocław Contemporary Museum

28.02.2014 at 6 p.m.

Published at:25.02.2014

On Friday, 28th February at 6 p.m. two new exhibitions will open at Wrocław Contemporary Museum at Plac Strzegomski 2A in Wrocław – Piotr Blamowski's Utopian Design and Obsessive Scenes.

The exhibitions were presented at MOCAK in spring 2013. Displayed in Alfa Gallery were utilitarian and decorative objects, including an eclectic bench, a rosary praying game, an Art Deco newspaper rack and a framed trophy, while in Beta Gallery a collection of short art films by the design-generation group was screened.

Curators: Maria Anna Potocka and Delfina Jałowik

The exhibitions at Wrocław Contemporary Museum will be open until 28th April.